After listening to the argument does God exist between scientists and theologians I considered one idea that could be a harsh compromise between both sides. The premise of God rests on he is all powerful and all knowing. It is written he created the universe and lived out an epic tale from beginning to present. It is an amazing story with many good values and just deeds on his part. There is a several major religions in the world that comprise the majority of the population of the planet that put a God front and center of their belief. Few argue the goodness and the love God is said to have for his people. That is not the divide in the idea of the  omniscient presence.

Did the authors of religious text give God so much credit that it made him unbelievable? The problem with God comes from what he did and what he can do more than does he exist. Through out history fallacies about the creation and position earth holds in the universe have been unraveled . Beginning with Galileo Galilei astronomer and philosopher in the seventeenth century. His work ultimately would end up proving the earth was not the divine place holder and center of the universe. The trend continued discovering the rationalized arguments a supreme creator put us first and foremost in the universe were very unlikely. Science fought through tough opposition presenting comparative observable reproducible data bringing to light the establishments incorrect conclusions on astronomy, age of the earth, and superstitions. The first ideas about creation had met a scientific explanation which either disproved or caused theologians to revise their story of God and creation.

In defense of theology the hypothesis of a powerful entity that cannot be seen exist is an entirely different argument. If the idea God loses some potency such as he is not credited with the creation of the universe and all living things, we could start building a case for the unseen powerful entity. It is not far fetched that things exist we cannot see and it is not far fetched that different dimensions lie in front of our very eyes go unnoticed. The examples of inner space within molecules and atoms sets a precedent for unseen dimension. The bacteria that live inside our intestinal track experience a completely different reality. In fact when thinking about the break down of what we know starting at the universe we can see our galaxy inside it and the solar system inside that and the earth inside that and people inside that and bacteria or complex cells inside us and atoms inside them. The example goes on till we cannot physically see the presence of something that exists. If things exist that we cannot see it is possible life takes on other forms. Right now during this very moment neutrino’s are passing through us. They are  form of unseen energy that passes through all matter. We have detected them, but we have not seen them and yet we know they exist.

It is not unacceptable to theorize entities exist composed of energy we cannot see. I refer to the fact everything we know is made of energy and it is a reasonable assumption other forms of life exist unseen. Radiation, x-rays, radio waves all exist but we cannot see them. What if a form of life or intelligence exists within these unseen energies. We are all in contact with these different types of energy. We are exposed everyday to them. They travel through us. If energy can transmit information and intelligence is the understanding of information it could be possible the things passing through us daily are influenced by our thoughts and feelings.

We have a preconceived notion that once we reproduce an experiment we can confidently say we know the outcome even if we are not able to see it. The quantum mechanics double slit experiments shows a lot of different things are going on when they are not being observed. If we cannot soundly state results for unseen things then we cannot say our mere presence in time and space doesn’t shape our reality. If our thoughts influence or change reality in anyway then it is possible our mere belief in a God could be manifested through the energy making up the universe.

My point is leading to the power of prayer and faith. It is a proven fact thoughts are inseparable from the creation of electric pathways made of chemicals primarily involving Na and K. It is also known there is no space on the entire planet other than inner space between electrons and nucleus’s of atoms. Every molecule is touching another molecule or atom. When a brain is thinking or feeling it is producing measurable electrical signals. These signals like are like a ripple in a pond. There is a constant transfer of electrons from atom to atom. A redox reaction is responsible for this type of electrical transfer. These are all proven scientific truths. Imagine the fabric of space consisting of dark energy and things we haven’t even thought of yet are in a way absorbing our energy. What I am saying is not a new concept. The idea of karma works identically. My twist to the idea of karma is we could be experiencing healing from a manifested entity. We could be experiencing intuition from a manifested entity. We could be experiencing what we call miracles that are reciprocated actions because of the way we think.

It almost sounds like the explanation for guardian angels and in a way it could explain the unexplainable. Lets say the background radiation of the universe that exists everywhere is able to be manipulated into a consciousness by prayer and worship. This gives us a scientific hypothesis as a starting point to study. Undoubtedly a difficult and most challenging job to devise equipment to measure differences of every type of energy in a controlled environment. Yet the detection of neutrino’s is evidence that we can build equipment to detect the most difficult of things. If the data showed that our reality is changed by our thoughts and power of mind then it may also show the intelligent response of an unseen force. If the force is aware and conscious we can say it is an entity that exists unseen.

The discovery of such an entity would give credence to a metaphysical realm of possibilities. Most importantly in the observation would be the kind of behavior the entity exhibited. We would want to note it’s characteristics. Is it friendly, does it show signs of interest in us, determine what abilities it has, when it communicates how does it refer to itself, can it make itself seen, what other knowledge does it posses? Presuming such an entity would cooperate in this study we may determine how it’s previous interactions with humanity have shaped the role of God. Would an entity be able to give us information about the beginning of the universe or would it claim the title of God. If it did claim the title of God we would have an observable presence to learn from and possibly understand how our society developed the concept of God. Did humanity have encounters with the entity and create myths based on actual events?

All that is speculation of course. We have no workable theories in science about God. There are explanations for misconceptions of the past, but no good pieces of evidence for a single entity watching over us who ultimately decides whether or not we live happily in the after life or are punished for our short comings and lack of faith. We do live in a very fear oriented world. Where many even today use fear to achieve their agenda’s. When the question, are you willing to be wrong about God and face the consequences of hell is asked many accept the belief even if they don’t live by the doctrine.  Which is a testament to how fear influences the mind. We really have no reason to think their is punishment waiting for us after this life. An acceptable theory about the afterlife would be the transfer of your consciousness in the form of energy into the universe. It is unknown how that may turn out, but many would say they have a deceased friend or family member they can feel close to them. I can even say from my experience it does feel that way at times.

Joshua Scott Born


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