The worst mass shooting on U.S. soil was perpetrated by Omar Mateen. Every media outlet has covered the emerging facts. All the questions are being answered and discussed. I have even heard guests on talk shows attempt to dig into the what caused it and why did it happen. With little effort most people can find out the facts, but facts are different than what if’s.

Its the speculation that scares me, not what Omar did. What he did was terrible! If I were there it would have scared me at the time, but only for the moment. The scars will stay with people but time causes a callus to cover the pain. Omar only caused fear for a moment, but he has planted a seed that our society waters. How can we stop this from happening?

When people ask what if and why did he, with the intent of finding an answer to stop future attacks they terrify me. What liberty will be taken from us? What Act will the be imposed to save lives and take away another freedom? How will a good thing be twisted to serve another agenda?

There are people who have thought this through from beginning to end and they know exactly how to manipulate the system. It all starts with fear, then people are angry. Angry people make quick decisions without thinking things through. When 9/11 happened congress and the President acted quickly. Looking back at the situation a few terrorist caused our government to start a war that is on going and spreading to other countries. Its easy to say we should have waited and had more information or we made the wrong decision now. Costly decisions that were not thought through. What is the cost to the people in lives of American soldiers? What is the cost to people taking care of the wounded coming back from war? What is the cost to America in diplomacy and image of a just and honorable nation?  Our leaders were fooled by the 9/11 terrorist into starting the war they wanted.

The second Iraq War was military blunder. The lives our friends and family gave in Iraq were unnecessary. The Bush administration talked about evil doers and retribution.  A decision that turned into a catastrophe George W. Bush is responsible for! President Bush choose to land ground forces and attack a semi destroyed Iraqi army. General Norman Schwarzkopf advised George H. Bush Iraq was a never ending war. It is a can of worms that should not be opened. Colin Powell told the 2nd Bush administration the same thing. The advice was ignored.

In Bill Clinton second term he responded to the attack on the U.S. Cole by finding terrorist camps, using special forces and sending tomahawk missiles to destroy those responsible. He only killed who the CIA could accurately report as to the responsible people. It was a responsible decision as commander and chief. This type of surgical attack was a well thought out response that saved soldiers lives avoiding putting boots on the ground and minimizing criticism from world leaders.

What has been happening in the United States is a new type of violence. We have always had shootings. There has always been horrible crimes in society, but new crimes are being committed that are dedicated to a belief against America. Crimes that are meant to cause fear and anger. They want Americans to attack themselves. Omar played a part causing fear and dedicating it terrorists. He wants us to finish the job by changing America. Omar wants Americans to say it was guns, it was mental illness, it was Islam.

We do what they want. They want us to say mentally ill people shouldn’t have guns, then it changes to what are the sign of a mentally ill person. Then the profiling begins. We pick each other apart judging and labeling. Taking away and punishing mass groups of people by judging them on things something Omar did. Mental illness is everywhere its a part of our society. Everyone one is mentally ill and there are different degrees of mental illness such as the willingness to kill or commit acts of violence. But in all reality we find the most honorable, respected, and up right people displaying signs of mental illness. Robin Williams was a shock to the world when he killed himself. Mel Gibson’s rant to a police officer about Jews and his not so politically correct thoughts shocked the world. Multiple acts of violence from beloved movie stars and sports athletes support normal people have mentally ill moments. Depression, manic thoughts, anxiety are nothing new. People will always have these problems. But one person commits a shooting and that person was seen by a therapist or that person was on medication and they are labeled as mentally ill. If this is what people do to each other no one will have a gun.

Guns kill good and bad people. The only difference is a gun can be used in a expression of hatred. For instance a person can point and shoot because they hate another person that scares people and make them angry. They start t speculate how to improve the situation by removing the tool instead of addressing the grow discontent and contempt Americans are feeling for one another. Groups are forming of like minded people. Instead of everyone pledging allegiance to the USA they give their allegiance to different set of ethics. Different than the ones America was founded on.

At no point in history have we stopped bloodshed but we have developed a social contract with each other. One we understand without saying. I will not harm you and please don’t harm me. Its something we want for ourselves and others but anger can cause our minds to become ill. The type of illness Socrates spoke of. America can become a better place by working on being United again. The importance of solidarity and belief in the idea this country is free must be reiterated to our society.

Our nation must bring the pledge of allegiance. People who live here are granted the amazing freedoms and protections of our military and government. To be part of this union people have to be a member and to do that we need to take a oath. Another help other countries become there own nation not war torn and destroyed breeding grounds of hate for the United States. Omar hated people and truth is deep down we all feel that way sometimes, but we do not have a terrorist agenda to hurt people. We want to be Americans that means helping our community be something for our children. Omar wants us to destroy that. If we fight he will win and that scares me.

By Josh Born



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