I’m not entirely sure why things happen, if its meant to be or purely coincidence. (Which I do not believe in.) Life can be heading towards the direction you want and bam! Out of no where it changes. Sometimes its horrible, sometimes it wonderful, but what ever it is it changes the direction life was going.

One person wins the lottery and another persons family member dies. Both lives are changed. How could everything happen for a reason and what could that reason be? I don’t have that answer, but it seems very apparent to me we don’t appreciate the past enough. I’ve listened to celebrities say they would like to live a quieter life, not to be bothered, not to attract attention, just to be a normal person who could enjoy life. I’ve heard people in wheel chairs say they didn’t start living till they learned how to live without being able to walk.

At this moment in my life I look back and would not change a thing. I have had friends die, family stop talking to me, my wife left me, and I accrued a substantial debt getting an education. Every one of those things made me who I am. I aged into a fine respectable person after a long road of mishaps and pitfalls. Each time one of those things happened to me it wasn’t easy, but I had to keep on going and I didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of my past.

Today I have a chance to make a difference in people’s life by sharing my thoughts. I see other people’s pain and I get it. Some time there is nothing to be said to make it go away, but I have felt it. I do know what it’s like. I admire people. Life is not easy. Everyone goes through a lot of pain and joy in life. We always hear about the people who picked themselves up and brushed themselves off. Some are soldiers, some are rehabilitated criminals, some are drug addicts, but some are just normal husband and wives, mothers and fathers who don’t tell their story. They were going in a direction and something happened that changed that. People are strong. We go through a lot. I respect people because no one knows the pain they have lived through.

To my friends, family, and fans you will change directions in life and it will change you undoubtedly, but cherish the moments you have lived through good and bad. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but they are wrong. When I die I will be able to look after everyone I love. I’ll be watching and helping when I can. All because of the life I lived. The life that made me the person I am today.

In Memory of Joe Dodge  April, 2016


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