The 2016 Presidential race, wow I think secretly Vince McMahon from the WWE is behind this years election. Maybe we would get a better feel for the 2016 candidates if they put on spandex and locked up in the squared circle.

Let’s face it Donald Trump as unlikable as he comes off has said what a lot of Americans are thinking. Why are illegal immigrants being given a pardon? There is a large percentage of Americans who are angry and they are making themselves known. Trumps numbers took many by surprise. Politics has been a game of saying the right thing and offending the least amount of people possible, but Trump did something new. He said what a large part of the population was thinking. He didn’t sugar coat it or spin it. He came right out and talked like he was sitting on a bar stool at the local Pub. Surprisingly it worked in a way. Those who are tired of politically correct got their candidate.

The other side of the coin isn’t as glamorous though. Trump has a childish mentality even when given a chance to smooth over a situation he shrugs his shoulders like a child and says they started first. He consistently defeats himself. It is as though he intentionally sabotages himself. Surely Trump has an advisor wise enough to coach him around these pitfalls he constantly throws himself into. That means either he does not listen to advise or people are too scared to give it to him. Neither one is encouraging to think about for the next president of the United States.

I am amazed how many people support Donald Trump. Americans are so angry at the government for letting jobs go out of the United States, cost of living, no wage increases, race conflict, gay rights, abusive authority figures, and mass shootings that they are willing to go a completely different direction in voting for Trump. In a way its a wake up call to the government. Time to start getting the job done. This divided government is causing a divided country. Republicans and Democrats should lead by example. Show the American people how to work together. Otherwise you are showing them we are not United.

I’m not giving up on our politicians yet though. I think this has been a learning experience for them. They are seeing people willing to vote completely against the norm to change things. That is your wake up call representatives of the United States of America. People want the fighting to stop. They want progress to be made. Give it to them and work together. It’s impossible for every politician to be as bad as we think they are. The problem is we don’t know who the good ones are and the bad ones are? As far as I know there is no litmus test or golden standard to compare politicians to. We often are left judging them by what their opponent says about them or even worse what they claim they have accomplished. The fact checkers usually report how truthful debates and speeches were within 24 hours of the event. I have ben shocked to find out how false some speeches are. I want my representatives to be correct with their figures and percentages when they tell me something. When I find out by a fact checker (which usually cites a reference that proves the speech was false) the information I got from a candidate is not true it leads me to think they are intentionally trying to deceive me or their staff is incompetent in getting the correct information to their boss.  As the 2016 circus has unfolded I can say from an objective perspective it appears Bernie Sanders has said what he has always said from the 1970’s. Hands down he looks to be the most honest candidate and has avoided the trouble Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have found themselves in by sticking to what he says. Clinton has said the same but when her record is checked it is a roller coaster of back and forth flip flopping on issues depending on their popularity. Trump also has felt the heat of past comments in interviews he gave, but it doesn’t seem to stick to him as badly as Clinton. Still Clinton continues to be popular.

In defense of Clinton’s flip flopping I believe it is the job of a representative to do the peoples will in a way that is not damaging to the country. Looking at the situation like that it is her job to do what the majority of the people want. Its her job to find a feasible way to make those desires work. It is also her job to let the American people know if such changes would be harmful to the country. From that perspective changing stances is doing her job. The problem with Clinton is she doesn’t run on that explanation.  She consistently says if you check the record you will see she has remained firm on her stances, but that not the truth. That is the number one issue that I have with Hilary Clinton. If I can find holes in your story now what will happen in the future when Americans want the truth from their president. I found it difficult to listen to George Bush and Dick Cheney as they forced into Iraq for a second time. I would rather not repeat what happen during their time in office. My hopes are for a president who can rally every American to be united. I want a president that will be smart more than look tough. I want a president thinks in terms of best ways to accomplish goals and most of all I want a president that cares about the future of the United States that my daughter will grow up in.


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